POS stands for Point Of Sale, a system that is used throughout the restaurant and retail industry. This computerized system allows business owners to track sales, cash flow, food inventory and can help simplify your bookkeeping enormously. We are the Sole distributor of ESSAE. We also deals with other brands like Alder, Elo etc.

  • Standard industrial grade touch screen enabled hardware. POS is more user-friendly & mistake-proof. Easy to train cashier.
  • Embedded and industrial design concept. Rugged, robust & reliable. Designed for dust protection & harsh retail environments.
  • Minimum space needed due to high integration, it is less that the A4 size. Compact small form factor (SFF)
  • Minimum power consumption due to usage of low power CPUs
  • Integrated ALL-IN-ONE concept and hence minimum cabling. POS has better aesthetics in customer facing check-out counters
  • Very high reliability & uptime, because of FANLESS system design. Retail checkout counters cannot afford high downtime.
  • Comes with technical and software driver support for devices, peripherals. SDK and OPOS/JPOS drivers are available.
  • POS is a long-term supported device directly from the Manufacturer.
  • Longer life cycle. Minimum of 7 years Intel embedded roadmap
  • No frequent change of models in POS. Hence frequent Software re- validation not required.
  • 2 to 4 serial ports are standard in POS Systems
  • POS Systems are GREEN devices with more energy efficiency
  • Ideal for business use, where systems are typically used by many cashiers & where downtime is critical
  • 3 year onsite comprehensive warranty, option available
  • Low maintenance cost as spares are typically supported for minimum 7 years by manufacturer.
  • POS systems are a better investment in the long term owing to low AMC, durability etc.
  • Low total cost of ownership. (eg. TCO for desktop is Y then for POS it will be Y-25%)

ADLERPOS UK, founded in 2009. We are leading in the design and manufacture of All in One POS terminals and Touch Displays For the retail and hospitality industry, ADLERPOS UK has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high-quality And high-performance computing platforms to provide professional all in One POS terminals, Industrial POS & POS Peripherals. We are professional POS business from 2009 and since then has grown into a POS Hardware sales and POS solution supplier with the leading brand ADLERPOS.

We work closely together with our partners to help provide solid solutions for a wide array Of applications across a diverse range of industries. Currently, we are offering an all-in-one package of POS system including hardware, solution, Maintenance and repair service by establishing our own R&D Center AS Service Center and directly managed maintenance and repair service. We, AdlerPOS We are concentrating of all our capacities on developing customer-oriented tailored Solutions and offering fast and accurate maintenance and repair service. We endeavor to evolve into No. 1 integrated POS business, a young venture business offering an optimal All-in-one package of POS system, Solution and Service. In order to achieve it, we will make our best Effort to continuously develop related technology and obtaining knowledge, preparing a service organization And management system to actively correspond to the voices of customers and cultivating creative strategies and thoughts. We wish you would support and be always with us when we endeavor to be the best business and make every single effort to gain wholehearted trust from customers.

The EloPOS System is designed to offer flexibility across environments. Whether you need a fixed-lane point of sale system or a self-order solution, EloPOS can help ensure that every touch delivers the experience your employees need and your customers expect.